Shortlisted 2012

Deadly scoop, puts phone hacking into perspective.



by Michelle Davies

‘I suppose you’re after another front page byline,’ scowled Detective Inspector Dan Harkness as reporter Jennifer Jones approached the cordon. Peering over his shoulder, she could see police divers pulling the body of a young man onto the riverbank.

‘Look, if bodies keep turning up on my patch then of course I’ll report it,’ said Jennifer. But he was right. These murders were making her career – her editor was already talking promotion. She waved her Dictaphone under the DI’s nose. ‘Is it the same as the last three times? Young guy on a blind date goes missing?’

‘I can’t comment until next of kin’s been informed,’ said DI Harkness, turning his back on her.

Jennifer’s phone bleeped to signal a text message had arrived.

‘Just checking we’re still meeting at 7? Don’t forget, I’ll be the one carrying a red rose! Pete.’

Jennifer smiled to herself. Hello byline number five…

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