Runner-up #3

Revenge takes a sour turn in this artistic flash.


by Lesley A. Rowe

Leila flourished her paintbrush. Myra’s fat legs looked perfect.


Email: ‘Myra’s in A&E with leg swelling. More later. Stephen.’

Aw bless.

Leila mixed up more paints.

Check – heaving chest, spare tyres and gross bingo-wings completed.

Email: ‘Myra in a bad way, acute shortness of breath.’


O.K. Face and head now. Better use florid hues, LOL!

Email: ‘Very sorry to advise, given how close you both are, but Myra’s had a massive stroke. Now in ICU.’

Ah well, pressing on, it’s time to paint the veggie patch in the background.

Email: ‘Medics have pronounced Myra to be in a persistent vegetative state. Care continuing but not hopeful.’

Oh dear. Heart-rending.

Sniggering, Leila glugs a whole bottle of Bailey’s, lurches into the easel and knocks the portrait flying.

Email: ‘Myra just fell out of bed and died. She definitely murmured ‘Leila hates me.’ Medics mystified. Police on way.’

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