Third Prize 2012

3rd Prize was won by Nettie Thomson who wove a wickedly good tale of illusion and deception.


By Nettie Thomson

He calls himself The Magician and specialises in close-up magic, a master of prestidigitation, illusion and enchantment. His hands are so nimble and fast that his quarry never feels his wallet liberated or wristwatch slip off as his hand is shaken.

His confidence increases exponentially with each successful gag. His tricks get bigger – all audiences demand it – and he soon performs his arch chicanery with such dexterity his victims aren’t aware he’s there until he’s gone.

One night he steals a girl. He mesmerises her with soft words whispered in her ear, incantations writ by Hades himself. He takes her by the hand and leads her into a night-blackened alley where instead of the embraces and caresses she expects, he executes The Disappearing Lady. Or is it Sawing A Girl In Half? Mere pedantry, he thinks, and prepares for his next performance.

11 thoughts on “Third Prize 2012

  1. This story is itself an act of prestidigitation and enchantment! With an ending that disappears into the shadows… excellent writing!

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