Gearing up for CrimeFest’s Flashbang 2013

Are you ready to knock our hats off with your fantastic 150 words? We’ll be announcing full details of CrimeFest’s Flashbang 2013 contest in the next few weeks, but to whet your appetites it’s likely to look something like this:

1. You write an amazing crime story in 150 words

2. Our judges decide which ones they like best

3. Shortlisted writers are invited to the Crime Writing Seminar on Thursday 30 May 2013

3. Winners are announced at CrimeFest 2013. Top prize will be a pair of passes to CrimeFest 2014 Second prize is a single pass to CrimeFest 2014. Third prize is a selection of Italian crime books plus other goodies

4. Winning stories are published here and on CrimeFest’s website

If you’re looking for inspiration, read 2012’s winning and shortlisted stories.

CrimeFest 2013 runs from May 30th to June 2nd in Bristol, UK. Details of the programme are being finalised and will be published shortly, but delegates can expect another year of exciting panels and sessions with international crime authors.

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