Winning Story 2013

1st prize went to Alex Buchanan for his story, Crime Seen. An unusual format for a pleasingly twisted tale.



by Alex Buchanan

Crime Seen @writeaboutcrooks

Announcing the 2013 Crime Flash Fiction Competition. Max 150 words; £10 per entry via PayPal. 1st prize £5000, 2nd £1000, 3rd £500. Closing date 31st March.

Details at

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William Anderson @quillbill

Finished story for CFF comp! Edit 2morrow and then submit if not hungover after pubmeet tonight, lol!

Rachel Feldman @cockneymissmarple

@quillbill Wow, that was quick! Need to lose 30 words from my WIP. No wine for me tonight! Xx

Terry Starling @midsomer4ever

Have submitted my story for CFF. Fingers crossed for Bahamas holiday…!

Crime Seen @writeaboutcrooks

Excellent stories being submitted this year! Keep them coming – only a week to go!

Rachel Feldman @cockneymissmarple

@quillbill @midsomer4ever Have you heard re CFF comp results? Thought it was today? 😦

William Anderson @quillbill

@writeaboutcrooks Can’t find results of FF competition. New website?



DELIVERY ERROR: the @writeaboutcrooks account has been closed.


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