Third Prize 2013

3rd Prize in CrimeFest’s Flashbang 2013 contest went to Cathy Lennon for her chilling story, Expectations. Cathy won a selection of Italian crime books from Hersilia Press and a boxed set of Sherlock DVDs.



by Cathy Lennon

‘Qu’est-ce qu’on va faire avec elle? Apres?’

I waited for Jean-Marc’s reply, while his mother’s knitting needles clicked. He chewed at his thumb without looking at me, shrugged, lifted the bomber jacket from the chair and left the room. I heard the door slam. When I’d fled to France the only words I’d known were oui and non. No money, only the clothes I stood up in, when a man in a bomber jacket offered a place to stay, in words that were just about English, I’d shrugged too. Why not? Turned out I wouldn’t need either of my words.

The pile of hand-knitted baby clothes has grown a lot since then. And so has my belly. It’s getting harder to roll off that mattress on the floor. It’s even a struggle to get off this chair. Pretty soon they’ll have no need for the handcuffs at all. Or me.


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