Runner up 2013

Technology loomed large in this year’s Flashbang entries. We had two runners up. Both won a place on CrimeFest’s Crime Writing Seminar with Jeffery Deaver. The first was Pauline Wilson for Head Shots.



by Pauline Wilson

The fusty pub was miles from Holly’s regular haunts. In the snug, she scrolled through the images of her husband on JJ’s mobile phone. The bullets had shattered Daniel’s skull, leaving fragments of bone and gaping wounds.

‘And you’re certain the police won’t be suspicious?’ she asked.

‘Don’t sweat,’ JJ said. ‘They’ll think it’s a carjacking gone belly up.’

‘They better had.’ Holly slid the envelope across the table. ‘That’s the balance.’

Poker faced, JJ checked the contents and nodded. ‘Cheers.’ He drained his glass and strode towards the exit.

Holly finished her brandy and smiled. Here’s to a wealthy widowhood.

Outside in the car park, her phone beeped. As she stared at the text message, the words began to swim. Stuck on M6. Home around 9:00pm. Daniel.

‘Nooo.’ She slumped against her car door. ‘I’ll kill you for this, JJ.’


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