Longlisted 2014

A Killer Sequel by Lu Greer

@BiggestFan I’m your biggest fan @AuthorX. Give me a shout out?

@BiggestFan Why no reply, @AuthorX?
@BiggestFan I’m going to your book signing tonight @AuthorX, I know you’ve got my messages. Please say hi. 

@BiggestFan Why did you act like you don’t know me @AuthorX? So others don’t get jealous?

@BiggestFan I haven’t heard from you in weeks, @AuthorX. Don’t make me get your attention the way I did last time.

@BiggestFan The first book only had one killing to copy. The second has eight. Do you want this on your conscience @AuthorX?

@AuthorX Sorry for the slow reply @BiggestFan, been busy writing a new book– a woman’s stalker pushes her too far one night.

@AuthorX@BiggestFan If you don’t get a chance to read it; she kills him and buries him in a field when he threatens to go on a killing spree. You’re going to love it.



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