Longlisted 2014

What You See by Pete Waterhouse



Uploaded: 3 March 2014 by DoctorScalpel


2cool4cool: I claim FAKE!

Eatmyteats: U sure?

2cool4cool: Look at it.

XXGorehound: Looks real to me.

Eatmyteats: Sounds real. Can’t watch it with sound. Those screams. Argh.

XXGorehound: Me too.

2cool4cool: F/X can do anything.

XXGorehound: That’s no F/X.

Eatmyteats: Look at her eyes. She’s not acting. Eughh.

2cool4cool: FAKE!

XXGorehound: I’ve watched it a dozen times. It’s real.

Eatmyteats: All that blood.

2cool4cool: There’s way too much.

Eatmyteats: Look at what she’s doing to him.

2cool4cool: Exactly! He couldn’t last that long. FAKE!!

XXGorehound: Who’s DoctorScalpel?

2cool4cool: She looks great. Fit or what?

DoctorScalpel: Want to meet then?

2cool4cool: Me?

Eatmyteats: Go on.

XXGorehound: Yeah go on.

DoctorScalpel: PM me. You know you want to.

Eatmyteats: Go on.

XXGorehound: Scared?

Eatmyteats: You claimed fake.

2cool4cool: Alright!


Uploaded 10 March 2014 by DoctorScalpel



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