Hanging by a Thread

Dolores Gordon-Smith has written nine crime novels, published by Severn Books. She has kindly given us permission to publish this story, which she was inspired to write after reading about the Flashbang contest.

Hanging By A Thread

After the Armistice, Steve plunged everything into the Fisherman’s Rest. A murder in the hotel would ruin him.

Judging by the state of the room, Henry Blewitt, Sir Ernest Blewitt’s twin brother, had disturbed a burglar who’d strangled him with the curtain cord.

Sir Ernest, rich , reclusive and crazy about spiritualism, wept. Unkind people said he talked to spirits because he bored the living to death. He was eccentric enough, Steve saw, to wear black laces with brown shoes.

“Henry!” he sobbed, pulling out a handkerchief.

A brown snapped shoelace fell to the floor.

Steve saw it and knew.

Sir Ernest was rich; Henry was poor. Easy for Henry to be Ernest. Easy for Henry to kill him and change clothes – but the shoelace snapped. Henry had used his own laces to tie his brother’s shoes.

You could say, thought Steve, Henry will be hanged by a thread.


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