Winning story 2015

First prize went to Tracey Walsh for her wicked story of (un)happy families.

Standing Room Only

Front row reserved for family. Awkward. Front rows then.

I once calculated how many weeks, days, hours, minutes until you’d be old enough to leave home. I know exactly when I first set eyes on you. Snub nose pressed against the window. Daddy’s little princess in denim dungarees.

Daniel, proud single dad sharing you with me at last.

I might as well have printed WELCOME on my back so you could break in your new flashing trainers walking all over me.

You nearly won.

But just this side of capitulation I decided. One of us had to die. And shifting the blame? Inspired.

So standing room only, as we say our goodbyes to Daniel. Wish they’d hurry up. Merry Widow suits me better than Wicked Stepmother and they’ll have to get you back to custody soon. Poor princess.


6 thoughts on “Winning story 2015

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