Second prize 2015

Litty Williams took 2nd prize for her chilling and twisted story.

The Most Important Meal of The Day

Blessed silence filled the kitchen. For the first time in ten months Stella would breakfast in peace.

She picked up a velvety-red peach from the highchair tray. Its aroma triggered memories of freedom. Of youth.

Stella rotated the peach so that each hand gripped one side along the vertical seam. A sharp twist and it split in two. Strands of skin and stringy fibre hung loose where the flesh had ripped. Juice from the tender, yellow pulp dripped down her hands.

The sweet, acidic tang of it filled her mouth as she closed her eyes and gorged – first one half then the other. Satisfied, she dropped the remains onto the plastic tray and wiped her hands on the nearby bib.

She pushed back from the table, walked past the highchair and picked up the phone to report the accident.

Who knew a baby’s skull could be so thin?


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