Runner-up 2015

Sarah Sillars Kane delivered a slam-dunk in this tale of vengeance.

Gospel Girl

Gnarled oak doors slammed shut.

With soundtrack provided by Mendelssohn and atmosphere provided by Déjà Vu the promise breaker entered the cathedral, scrutinised by morning suits and fascinators.

Money, anticipation, and elevation up the social ladder proceeded her. Broken dreams, twisted secrets, and bridesmaids preceded her.

Ahead of her was William, fitting the Bill for perfect husband material. Behind her, an exquisite silk train smoothed over memories of husbands past:

Matt; extra-marital affair. Drowned.

Marc hadn’t been loaded. Suicide.

Lucas; irreconcilable differences. Skiing accident.

As for Jon… Uncompromising. Unreasonable. Irrational. Impossible! Sectioned for psychosis. He deserved it.

“Do you promise to cherish William until death do you part?” The bishop’s words reverberated off ancient stone.

“I do,” she vowed.

Gnarled oak doors crashed open:

Weather provided by gale-force England.

Bullets provided by a Heckler & Koch.

Assassination of the adorable couple provided by Jon the Undeserving.

She kept a promise.


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