Runner-up 2015

Jane Parkes caught our judicial eye with this slice of courtroom life.

First Day in Court 

Danny fidgets at his assigned place in the courtroom, anxiously studying the prosecution barrister, resplendent in wig and gown. Danny’s own collar, new and stiff, chafes at his neck and he pulls at it with one hand while scratching his head with the other. His mother insisted on buying him the new suit for his first court appearance. She wants him to make a good impression. She is not here; she is too nervous, but he spots his father in the public gallery and they exchange brief  nods.

The court rises for the judge and Danny’s legs begin to tremble. Whatever happens, today will be life -changing. The imperturbable barrister introduces himself to the jury.

“Members of the jury, I appear for the Prosecution. My learned friend ….” there is a pause as he searches for the unfamiliar name and Danny holds his breath, “…… Daniel Jackson appears for the Defence.”


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