Runner-up 2016

Emma Bladen served up this slice of feline ferocity.

Good Fluffy

Peter Caldecott liked to torture cats, and Fluffy knew it.

So with great satisfaction Fluffy liked to sit on Peter’s rear windowsill and watch his every move through narrowed eyes.

Fluffy could see everything as she peered through the gap between Peter’s blinds.

Especially the day he strangled Jenni Nguyen, the council environment officer he’d lured to his home office for a friendly drink. Peter was a property developer, and Jenni had been about to discover he’d fiddled the test results on polluted land, to build a hospital.

Jenni struggled against her attacker’s hulking frame until she could fight no more, and her body stilled and began to bruise and stiffen.

Fluffy saw it all.

And so, as it happened, did Fluffy’s owner.

An astonished Sergeant Mick Murphy watched wide-eyed that afternoon at the footage beaming direct to his station computer from the tiny camera he’d hung on Fluffy’s collar.

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