Second prize 2017

Christine Laurenson took second prize with her chilling tale of Nordic noir.

Fire and Ice

‘He always comes back.’

‘Ingrid’s twenty six, a PhD., brilliant and beautiful.’

‘Exactly. She’ll get bored.’

‘Maybe… but he’ll only come back if she leaves him.’

‘You’d take him back?’

‘I overheard them talking. About selling the house.’

‘But it’s your house too!’

‘It’s in his name.’

We link arms, and watch the procession.

‘Galley’s looking great this year. Well done!’

‘Didn’t do much. Few bits here and there.’

‘Bet you did more than you’re letting on.’

We watch the galley being lowered into the water and I start to relax.

Took me all night to finish off that decking; I have the splinters to prove it.

Flaming torches sail through a dark sky. The galley erupts into flame and begins to drift away. It looks beautiful.

And it does seem fitting, for a Nordic woman like Ingrid, to have a proper Viking burial.

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