Third prize 2017

Third prize went to Tracey Walsh for this tea and biscuits tale with a twist.

Life Sentence

‘Not guilty.’

Although expected, those words hit me right between the eyes.

On the pavement outside Manchester Crown Court I watched as the accused, now the acquitted, was greeted rapturously by family and friends.

The DCI and FLO came round later to offer apologies. I did what was expected of me, made tea, offered biscuits, said I understood. I didn’t.

I took my own swift justice a week later. A hit and run to balance the books for my son’s murder. I slept soundly, the first time in a year.

I’ve been waiting for the police knock ever since that night and here they are. Should there be tea and biscuits this time? What’s the etiquette regarding a murder arrest?

‘Mrs Kershaw, we wanted to tell you before it hits the news. We’ve charged someone with Ben’s murder. He’s pleading guilty, no trial to suffer through this time.’

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