Runner-up 2017

Denise Beardon tells a cautionary tale.

The Sleepover

Emma and Tia follow the dance routine. Onesies skewed, their red hot faces fixed in concentration. Thirteenth birthday party friends surround them: loll on sofas, stuff mouths with pizza, slurp fizzy drinks.

Beds blown up with pumps, sleeping bag snake games, torch-lit ghost stories. The girls settle at midnight. Lights out.

Nine slender polyester breathing humps asleep across the floor. The first gentle snore.

A small screen, blue and purple, flickers inside her sleeping vessel. Emma frowns.

Hey babe

Hey I know ur there

Leave me alone

I wanna see you

Go away

Snapchat me naked

like u did b4


Or don’t. Then the whole school will know


Emma wriggles her upper half out of the bag, unzips her onesie, unclasps her bra. Selfie. Click. Send.

Her stalker shares it among his friends.

Except one boy says no and tells his parents. That is how this nightmare ends.

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