Runner-up 2017

Debra Ramsdale has her eye on an unusual suspect.


The press release was carefully written.  Five women dead, reason to believe they were linked, no mention of the trophy gathering.

That was between the cops and the killer.

Superintendent Rose Power was desperate for a breakthrough, eight months, five bodies and no bloody suspect. Retirement was not an option until this was over.

The local evening paper wanted to run a double page spread on the case. She agreed to meet Mike Stubbs, their crime editor.

They had known each other for years.

The feature was agreed and they strolled through town, back to their cars.

“I hope it helps, Rose. God knows, we need him off the streets.  Sick bastard needs more than his bloody ear cutting off.”

Rose’s blood ran cold. Her pension was either going to come faster than she thought or not at all.

That was no slip of the tongue.

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