Runner-up 2017

Charlotte Sing wants us all to beware.

Authors Beware

The Characters stopped arguing. The main Protagonists had pulled rank and eventually the Antagonist gave in. The Minor Characters sighed. They had the most to lose, for who would remember them?

Clare brought them all to order. She loved being a bossy DI. ‘Listen up. She won’t change her mind. She’s bored with us. Wants a new challenge but I’m damned if she’s going to get away with…’ Her voice broke.

Fran took over, faithful sidekick to the last. ‘Concentrate. We have to stop the words. Make her go there and look for herself.’

The coroner recorded death by misadventure: a fall from an icy mountain path while the author was checking details for the latest novel in her long-running crime series. Tragic.

The Characters remained forever in limbo. No writer has managed to complete the story – and live.

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