Enter Flashbang 2017

When you’re ready to submit your 150 words to our judges, first pay your £2 entry fee via PayPal. You’ll receive a confirmation from PayPal with a transaction ID. Copy and paste your transaction ID into the body of the same email as your 150 words. Email to flashbangcontest@gmail.com

You’ll receive an automated email confirming its safe receipt. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, please leave a comment here and we’ll investigate and/or contact you as necessary.

NB: Flashbang17 is now closed. Winners are listed here. Follow this blog, or @flashbanggang on Twitter for news and updates.

28 thoughts on “Enter Flashbang 2017

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  3. I entered two pieces on 22nd February and have received confirmation for one (Gospel Girl) but not for the second one (Rhetoric).

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Hello. I’ve emailed my entry but no autoresponse as of yet. Not sure if it pings through straight away or if there’s a delay but as it’s so close to the deadline, thought I should check. Thanks.

    • Hi Joanne, if you entered under the name ‘Joanne Green’ then we haven’t received your entry, but not to worry because you can send it through this morning. Please let me know which name and email address you used if it wasn’t Joanne Green13@ and we’ll sort it out today.

  5. Hi Sarah. The email address is joannegreen13@ but the surname on the paypal transaction is different. Don’t know if that makes a difference? I’ll resend right now. Thanks.

  6. Hi Sarah, I sent my entry at about 4.30 but haven’t received the automated response. Could you check to see if you received it please? My email address is kirasmam@sky.com but my paypal account is under my maiden name of pauline therese byron. Thanks

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