What we’re after

We asked the judges to tell us what they’re looking for. Very few contests give you this many clues, so make good use of them.

Like the title of this contest I am looking for a flash and a bang! Mind blowing originality, a well written story that not only has a sense of place and good characterisation but it must also be a story that is going to take me aback and make me want to read the story more than once. An excellent start, middle and ending!

In flash fiction every word counts, so I’m looking not just for an original story, but also original use of words to get that story across as fast as possible. It’s about movement and energy – a covert snapshot, taken on the fly, rather than a formal portrait.

You only have 150 words. Use them wisely. I’m looking for a story that is a story, that develops across this short space of words, with character and action, and that uses this format to its best advantage. Think what story can be better told through 150 words than 1500. The form should not be limiting, but liberating.
Something that makes me sit up and take notice, with a satisfactory ending that contrives to also leave me wanting more.

One thought on “What we’re after

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